We want to empower the next billion deskless workers - employees who do not work at a desk, with the tools and software to make their work life better.

Physical businesses like restaurants and retail stores are slow and inefficient with their internal operations, like training new employees, launching new products, and onboarding more locations, because all their procedures and documents are on pen and paper, even in 2021!


Delightree is building the operating system for physical businesses like restaurant and retail chains, for digitising their operations, SOPs, quality inspections, and routine checks.

We're building that tech backend for these businesses starting with helping them convert their standard operating procedures to simple snippets on smartphones that frontline staff can easily refer to.

Why is this so exciting to us!?



While there are multiple solutions built for people who work in offices at a desk, in many industries like retail, hospitality, logistics, the majority of the workforce doesn’t work at a desk.

And we have great mentors advisors working with us! ✨


⭐ Ashish Bhatia

Ex-whatsapp, ex-Google, advising and tech-mentoring engineering teams at Replai.io and Elucidate LinkedIn

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⭐ Jag Kapoor

Owner of Saison hospitality, Pedros, and leading Michelin star restaurants in Bay Area LinkedIn


⭐ Prasanna Venkatesan

VP of Engg at Zoominfo, ex-founder at Insent.ai sold company to Zoominfo LinkedIn


⭐ John B Richards

Board of Directors at Starbucks, Four Seasons Hotel, Elizabeth Arden LinkedIn


⭐ Dinesh Katiyar

Partner at Accel, ex-founder himself sold company to Google, investor in Mindtickle, Zinier LinkedIn

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